Welcome to DICE

Today we launch DICE. What a ride. If you saw the first scribbles 18 months ago it didn’t look like this. I mean the basics were there, but nothing like this. This is DICE September 2014 - and one my favourite artists, Jack White, is already selling tickets on it.

My background is running a record label and managing artists. I always wanted us to have a direct relationship with fans but there was always SOMETHING holding us up. And so I started to think about ticketing.

How do we scare and inspire everyone at the same time? How do we completely move ourselves outside this bubble, remove all the barriers, and build something that fans love? How do we make our industry ten times bigger by giving fans and artists what they want. How do we pack venues by being smarter?

Charging the face-value ticket price with no other fees - does that even make sense? Yes, of course it does because it’s 2014 and we need to embrace technology and create something incredible. And transparency is no longer an aspirational bonus, it’s essential.

I’ve done so much unlearning as well as learning this year and the amazing people around me are focused on delivering for fans and artists. Together we’ve created a product that people may actually like (maybe love), but most importantly DICE is about getting fans to go to more shows.

And that’s you. DICE isn’t going to rip your off, steal your identity or throw dumb ads at you. We’re going to help artists sell out their shows and get you in quickly.

Take a look at DICE and tell me what you think. Some early ideas via Twitter have already jumped up on our to do list. And before you ask the boring question “How do you make money?”, just enjoy it. Go watch an amazing band or DJ for a price that’s fair.