The DICE Podcast


It’s Jen again.

Today is my last day saying “Family Guy” on BBC Three and as I knew everyone would miss my dulcet tones I thought, what better thing to do than start a podcast?

Here at DICE we love finding new bands and scenes, celebrating reformations and labels, anything that involves really great music.

So every month we’ll focus on a story that we at DICE believe is important, integral, or simply incredible from the world of music. It could be something we love, an artist we are championing, or an issue we feel you should know more about.

The DICE podcast is a thirty minute look at something that’s happening right now. Each month will be different.

A big shout to the legends at Red Bull Studios London who let me use their fancy desk to mix. And to Brendon who did all the technical stuff.

You can listen and subscribe here. The first issue meets Burger Records in California. Even if you’re not familiar with the label, their dedication will blow your mind.