Location, Location, Location

The biggest update in the latest version of the app is all about location, location, location.

Now you can find gigs and club nights in multiple cities and towns across the UK all based on where you are.

To get accurate listings, make sure you’ve enabled location usage within your app settings [iOS / Android].

Want to see events in a different city from where you are at the moment? You can simply search within the filter section of the app.

I’ll leave you with a more entertaining version of this via Jen’s app store release notes below:

I was never good at physics. My lower physics class was straight out a BBC 3 classroom comedy. Each lesson was game of war between one asthmatic teacher, thirty-one disobedient students, and a can of Lynx Africa. All I remember from those hazy days is one equation; speed equals distance over time. And at DICE, we're speedy. You can book a ticket in no time. But when it comes to distance, we've not passed the city limits. Well, much like when that apple hit Newton's head, things are about to change. With this update, DICE is making like the bank and going nationwide. We'll now be showing you events based on your location, and launching across the whole of the UK. Speed equals distance over time? Then we're faster than that leopard on the plains of Africa, picking up a leopardess with one spray of intoxicating anti-perspirant.

I told you physics wasn't my strong point.

The update is available in both app stores now. Try it out and consider leaving us a review, your feedback helps us a lot.