Jen Long Joins DICE

I’m excited to announce that as of March 1st 2015, Jen Long is saying goodbye to BBC and joining DICE full-time as our Music Editor.

To be honest, many thought she was full-time already. We asked her to come in a couple of days a week back in August and I’m pretty sure she’s been in every day since.

Jen is one of the most passionate and inspiring people I’ve ever met and lives and breathes new music. The mission of DICE isn’t about selling tickets - it’s about reinventing the music industry, making it easier for fans to discover amazing acts and bringing much needed transparency. It’s also about marrying innovative mobile technology with humans who love music.

People always ask us “well, if it’s curated, who makes those decisions?”. I feel pretty good about saying it’s some of the most brilliant music lovers on the planet. I’m constantly discovering new acts and we’re in the middle of a renaissance that mobile is at the heart of. The music industry will be stronger than ever if we do the right thing for artists and fans.

Jen joins just weeks after Ross Allmark (formerly Head of Events at VICE). Ross heads our operations team and is spearheading our expansion throughout UK, Europe and North America. Yep, we’re pretty busy but we’re on a mission.