ICYMI: What's new in DICE

Here at DICE we're constantly looking at ways to improve the app and help you discover the best gigs, clubs, and festivals in your city. We’ve been pretty busy of late, and while we still have lots of exciting things on the horizon, we thought this was a good time to stop and take a look at some of the newest DICE features you might have missed.

Apple Pay

Buying tickets for gigs shouldn't be difficult. We want you to be able to get your tickets as quickly as possible - no captcha codes, no waiting screens with circling wheels of death, no fuss.

Being able to save your card details within DICE makes the buying process simple, but why stop there? We want to be on the cutting edge of quick and easy.

Apple Pay landed in the UK back in July, offering an insanely easy way to make purchases using iPhones in shops, on trains, in the App Store, and even within apps.

DICE is one of the first apps in the UK to offer Apple Pay integration. Just select the number of tickets you want, tap the Apple Pay icon and confirm the purchase using just your fingerprint. Forget hoverboards, this is what Marty McFly should have been flying on.

Is there an easier way to buy gig tickets? No.


We pride ourselves on bringing you the best gigs, clubs, and festivals, but appreciate it can be a bit daunting not knowing where to begin when you're browsing through the app with so many awesome shows to choose from.

One of our biggest feature requests was to include the ability to filter gigs by venue and genre. So guess what? We did it. Just want to see Metal gigs? Sure. Electronic club nights? Yep. Indie Music Festivals? Got it. You get the idea. So now you can find even more great artists to fall in love with and more great nights out for you and your mates.

Ticket List

Some days all we want to do is daydream about all the gigs we have to look forward to. Yeah, it's a little bit weird, but we just keep finding ourselves spending a lot of time looking at our DICE ticket list, scrolling up and down, getting ready for the future fun.

We realised that our ticket list could look prettier, and it'd be nice if we could see tickets for gigs we'd already been to, so we gave it a bit of a makeover.

The new ticket list now lets you see previous gigs you've attended, and has a brand new shiny design that we think looks pretty sexy.. Now... back to some beautiful daydreaming.

Got any feedback or features you’d like to see on DICE? Leave a review in the app store and we’ll check it out.