Heavy music ruined my life. I say this with a huge smile on my face - it has affected every huge juncture in my life and taken me half way around the world a few times. The lure and desire to play music, in fact to be consumed by heavy music wherever possible, has ruined any chances I ever had of getting a traditional education, or of having a normal life. For this I am eternally grateful.

After a life-changing experience seeing At The Drive-In play to about 40 people at the Joiners in Southampton in 1999, I realised that punk rock had everything I needed. They were the most explosive thing I had ever seen and they couldn’t have cared less that they were playing to a half empty room. Then they sold their own merch afterwards, there was absolutely no separation between band and audience, not an ego in sight.

I moved to Leeds in 2002. It was this city that has shaped me, and, most importantly, taught me that you can do anything yourself. Already a writer and a drummer, Leeds turned me into a journalist, a promoter, record label and a touring musician - and all without even touching the music industry. In 2008, things took an interesting turn..

What followed was a 7-year whirlwind writing, playing recording and touring (LOTS of touring) as part of the band Pulled Apart By Horses. We went very quickly from playing scummy basements in Leeds to touring with everyone from Glassjaw to Kasabian, recording with the legendary producer Gil Norton and releasing a top 40 album. It was an incredible journey for a dysfunctional gang of misfits.

In 2015 I made the decision to stop touring. I missed my family too much and was ready to start a new chapter. When DICE, a company who shared my ethical stance and absolute insistence on authenticity, asked if I’d like to run with None Heavier, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. Which brings us to here, to the birth of None Heavier - DICE’s home for the best punk, metal and hardcore shows.