On Saturday we ran our second DICE Girls Music Day at Sonos Studio with some exceptional speakers.

Jamz Supernova told us all about her road to radio and hustling to get her first DJ sets. Lucy Rose's story took us on a journey from the basement of Karen Millen to the Other Stage at Glastonbury. Laura Taylor shared her experiences of traveling the globe with Mumford and Sons and overcoming her babyface. And Anna Prior laughed at owning it on the drums in front of some skeptical counterparts.

In the afternoon we heard all about Laura Marling's new project Reversal Of The Muse. Helen Kennedy shared some creative inspiration for those looking at a career in marketing. Naomi Williams empowered everyone to think about starting their own business, as she did with Totem PR. And finally Jayne Stynes gave us a day to day of touring the world with the likes of Blur.

You can listen to some of the talks on our Soundcloud.

Photos by Victoria Koon.