Welcome to the new DICE blog. We’ve given our old site a little bit of a facelift for this sleek and sexy number.

Here you’ll be able to find out everything that we’re up to - from new bands we love, to new product updates that’ll help you get even more out of DICE.

The blog is split into three sections. Tap MUSIC for interviews with brand new artists we want to shout about to old favourites we’ll never stop supporting. There’s playlists, previews of events worth getting excited about, and heads up on shows coming soon so you’ll never miss out.

In PRODUCT we’ll be keeping you informed of new updates and what they mean for you, as well as developments from our coders and designers and tips on how to use DICE in the most productive way. It takes a lot to make something so perfectly simple.

And finally, in COMPANY you can find out everything that we’re up to at DICE HQ. From new recruits to important news around city launches and career opportunities. And of course, we’ll be shouting our opinions on all the things that really matter to us, from our Live Awards to issues surrounding Secondary Ticketing.

Everything DICE in one place, with a pretty font.